Tremor Games: Play Games to Get Free Steam Games

Don't have enough money in your Steam wallet or PayPal to get that game you want? Well now you can play simple online games to rack up points to exchange for a Steam game. I just signed up and in 1 day I was able to rack up enough points to get Garry's Mod on Steam for 100% free! Here's how you earn points.

1. Playing Games

  • When playing games there's achievements you can earn. Depending on the difficulty of the achievement you earn Tremor Points. (Easy=5, Medium=10 Hard=15 etc.) The games are super easy to play so it's easy to rack up these points.

2. Complete Offers

  • Like lots of rewards sites you can do offers and surveys. This site has some of the best offers and highest paying offers I've ever seen. I got 1000 Tremor Points for signing up for a online game and then going though the tutorial for the game. It took about 5-10 min and I was 75% done on my way to earning Garry's Mod for free!

3. Watch Videos

  • The most simple thing ever, press play and you watch a quick video and earn 5-50 Tremor points per video. Quick and easy!

4. Log In Daily

  • You get points for logging in! The older your account is the more points you get for logging in. It starts at 1 point a day and then goes up from there.

5. Trade In Team Fortress 2 or Steam Trading Cards Items

  • Do you play Team Fortress 2? If you have any spare items you can sell them to Tremor Games for Tremor Points. You can get a ton of points if you have some cool stuff in your inventory like scrap metal or refined metal. You can also sell your Trading Cards to them.

6. Earn Trophies

  • You can earn Tremor Points for earning trophies! Trophies consist of playing a certain amount of games, earning a certain amount of points from offers, referring people, getting thumbs up on your comments, and adding friends. 

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