Contest: Any App Giveaway!

Hello everyone! 
I'm doing a contest for any 99 cent app from the Apple App Store!

This means any app that's 99 cents or under you can get free!
(If this contest is successful I will do future ones at higher amounts and more often!)

To enter go here, and complete a survey
The survey then unlocks the page with directions on how to confirm your entry! 

Now I know what you're thinking, "Oh gosh a survey! That's freaking dumb!" But everyone is thinking that! So the fact that this a small blog and many people might not even do the survey your chances of winning are extremely high! 

They get even better!
If 20 people enter, I give away 2 apps.
If 30 people enter, I give away 5 apps. 
If 50 people enter, I give away 10 apps.  

People Entered So Far: 0

So enter nowContest ends on September 7th 2012!

Only 1 entry per person! 
*Note this might change if I decide if I want to make Tweets a entry!*
All other rules are on the page the survey unlocks.

If you want to contact me for questions or anything you can email me at

*UPDATE 8/26/12*
Because no one has entered yet a few day into the contest I decided to make the first person to enter a automatic winner. All other rules are the same, so that means there will still be a winner, and 2 winners for 20 people that enter and 5 winners for 30 people that enter and 10 winners for 50 people that enter!

Has someone already gotten the first entry automatic win?: No, You still have time!

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