Reveiw: Will.I.Am (Feat. Eva Simons) - This Is Love

Will.I.Am (From the Black Eyed Peas) is back and he's back with one of the best up and coming artist, Eva Simons! The song starts of with some piano and  Will.I.Am singing then Eva Simons comes in then the music takes off from there. This song is awesome! Perfect club dance music! I LOVE it! Will.I.Am has always been great at making good dance beats. This ones the best yet. The fact that it has Eva Simons is a plus! Eva Simons is bound to be big! She's amazing featuring in songs such as Take Over Control (Freaking Awesome) and This Is Love (Freaking Awesome). She has her own singles I Don't Like You (Freaking Awesome.) and an older one called Silly Boy (Pretty Good.). If you love dance music this is a MUST. Buy it on iTunes or Amazon now! You will definitely want this on your iPod! Happy Dancing! :P

This Is Love - Single: (Overview)
Platform: Music
Cost: $1.29 (iTunes) 
           $0.99 (Amazon)
Rating: 5/5
Quick Review: Freaking Awesome! Buy it now! #DanceMusic
 Recommended Buy?: YES!

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