Summer Break!!!

It's finally summer! No school and no work! That means getting a tan, fit, playing video games, and hanging with friends! So I'll be taking a break from this blog from time to time. My goal for this summer is to loose some weight. (I'm probably not the only one lol) So I tried getting EA Sports Active 2 for PS3 to help loose some weight and track my progress, and after going through 2 different sets the heartbeat sensors don't connect with the game! I've tried finding a solution, but to no avail. So if you were planning on getting this game to help stay somewhat in shape, think again. You can always try your luck though. I've tried contacting EA but no response. So if you have this problem feel free to post if you have any solutions or comments. Talk to you later!
Happy Summer! (Don't get too sunburn! :P)

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