Review: Red Dead Redmption (Game of the Year Edition)

Hey everyone I got this new to me but old to the world game called Red Dead Redemption and I got the one with the zombie and all the other dlcs with it. So this game Is a good one. It's a western free roam game and you're working for the goverment to get your family back. I don't wan to spoil anything but I think the story line is very good! It might be a tad repeditive but what game isn't? The charaters are all diffrent and unqiue. There's many weapons to choose from. There's lots of side missions and other things to do other than the story line which will keep you occupied for a pretty long time. (or at least for me) You can play horsehoes, poker, liars dice, five finger fillet, and arm wrestling. There's challenges for everything including hunting and skinning animals and gathering plants or simply killing enymies and trampling people with your horse. Next is the multiplayer, it's still alive with a good amount of people. Probably nothing like it used to be but on average there's like 7 people per free roam game. So in muliplayer there's just as much to do a in singleplayer. Except you are with other people. There's freeroam which is basically just running around killing other people or joining a posse and doing gang hideouts, or there's land grabs where you have to protect some land from other players for a few min. But there's more than freeroam. There's free for all, team death match, bag grab, co-op, zombies, poker, liars dice, and a ton more I can't even remember. Controls are very easy to get used to, and the music is okay and fits the game. Graphics are okay, the game is a little old so it's to be expected. I think I touched on a little on everything but I'm sure I'm missing something. Here's a breakdown:

Controls: 8/10 I have trouble rolling when I need to but they're eay to learn.
Graphics: 8/10 Good for when it came out.
Story: 9/10 It took a few days to play and it's easy to follow and I loved it wish it didn't end. :P
Multiplayer: 7/10 Sometimes frustrating due to people have better weapons or people killing you when your trying to do something.
Lasting Appeal: 8/10 I'm still playing it weeks after I got it! Still haven't gone back to Call of Duty yet. Haha

Overall: 8/10

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