LMFAO Concert (Party Rock Tour 2012)

I recently went to an LMFAO concert. I won tickets through a local radio station contest. (On the floor tickets) Lucky me! Haha. I like LMFAO but wasn't sure what to expect at the concert. I knew that The Far East Movement was opening but that was it. I can say that I loved it! Eva Simmons was another opener. (She features in the song Take Over Control by Afrojack) She was awesome! I'm now a fan of hers. The other openers were just bass dropping mind blowing! The music was loud the beat was thumpping and we were jumping like the part rock animals we were! that was all before LMFAO actually came out though. Once they came out the music came on even louder (seriously I couldn't hear anything after the concert lol) but it was awesome! So if you haven't had the chance to seem LMFAO in concert I reccomend it! If you love electronic dance music you will love this concert! Although the braclet I bought was a little small. :( I will definetly be going again if they come back soon.

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