Reveiw: Flick Home Run! (App)

So a few months ago I saw this game app and downloaded the free version I liked it but never got the paid version for whatever reason. Recently I downloaded the paid version and I'm glad I did, but I'm kinda mad at the game too. I'll explain why later. So first the I would like to describe the game. You use your finger to hit baseballs and try to hit it out of the park getting a home run. Simple? Yeah it is. Put you can collect points to upgrade your 'Contact', 'Power', and 'Batting Eye' stat. They all go to level 99 and you get one 1 level up stat every time you hit the max EXP for that round. There's different types of balls that have different effects. Like some swirl around, some drop, some go fast, and some are just regular. When you first start out you have Training mode and Minor Challenge. There's more modes that you can unlock through getting enough of a stat or steps in a previous mode. (A step is how many balls you can hit before you run of "Juice". That's what I'm gonna call it anyway.) So you hit the ball get points level up your stats to do better to unlock more game modes. It's a fun game. But hitting the ball is harder than you might think. At least for me it is but that might b because my iPod is laggy. But more recently its been getting better. I would recommend this game for any person looking for a casual game.

Flick Home Run!: Overview
Platform: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch (iOS 3.0 Or Later)
Cost: $0.99 (There's a limited free version)
Rating: 4/5
Quick Review: Great app to invest in. Might be sluggish if you have a older iDevice.
Recommended Buy: Yes

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  1. Has released the sequel from the company that created the "Flick home run"