Reveiw: Feed Me Oil ( App)

Feed Me Oil


I love this app! This app is published by Chillingo (The same as Cut The Rope). Which means it supports Crystal. Crystal is like Game Center or Open Feint. I'm not exactly why I love this app so much, but I do! In this game you have to move oil from to a pipe to a finish area. This means using a bunch of features such as Fans, Circle of Winds, Boards, Magnets, and some more. But there's obstacles. Such as having to press a button before having access to the finish line and pushing buttons to clear areas to get to the finish line. There's lots of levels, and you unlock more extra levels and for 99 cents you can unlock all the levels but with anti-gravity. Which is SUPER cool. I'm currently on the 3rd bunch of levels. The levels are both easy and hard. Which is good so both kind of people who aren't as good at puzzle games can get past the levels and people who love these types of games can have some challenge. For a plus there's hints on all the levels on where to put certain things. Each level has 3 stars you can earn by not using all the parts they give you. I suggest getting this game and using the Crystal feature. So get it now!

Feed Me Oil: (Overview)
Platform: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch (iOS 3.0 or later)
Cost: Free!
Rating: 5/5
Quick Review: Great puzzle game and is challenging for anyone!
 Recommended Buy?: YES!

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