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So Jetpack Joyride is a endless runner. I'm not a huge fan of them but I like to play them once in awhile. Now this game you're breaking out of a lab looking place and you steal a jetpack that shoots out bullets. (I think) Any then you try to go as far as you can. On the way there's obstacles like missiles, electrical beams (some rotate), and lazer beams. You also can collect coins, spin coins, and tokens. The coins are used (like every other game) in a shop, they call it the stash. In 'the stash' you can buy clothing to change the clothing of your character, jetpacks to change jetpacks, and vehicle upgrades, I'll get to vehicle's later, and utilities, which include powerups such as head starts revives and unlocking missions. You can also view your achievements and profile in the stash. The spin coins can be used to play a slot machine when you finally crash and burn. You can win coins or powerups there, or you can turn in the spin coins for 50 coins each. The tokens, when collected, will give you a vehicle. There's many types of vehicle's. Including,The Hog, The Teleporter, The Stomper, The Bird, The Gravity Suit, and Cuddles. Each vehicle has their own way of operating and flying. My favorite is the Cuddles (which is a dragon...). Now I've previously mentioned Achievements,  there are 31 different achievements, these are anything from collecting exactly 69 coins (Hehe Haha) to Flying 2km without touch a single coin, scientist, or token. These achievements are diffrent from missions though. You can only have 3 missions going at a time and have to complete one to get a new one. The missions have a star value and when you complete one you get however many stars the mission was worth. When you die you go to a screen and it tells you how many meters you went and how many coins you collected. It also shows you friends scores (Openfient). And it shows your statistics for that round. So as I said before I'm not a huge fan of endless runners but this one was okay. I like collecting coins and using them to get upgrades and new stuff. It keeps the game fresh. I suggest trying it if you like endless runners.

(Update: April 25th, New update! The biggest update so far says Halfbrick. It includes lots of new features and gadgets to enhance you gameplay!
Here's a complete list of the gadgets:
Sector 1: Research and Development
  • Air Barrys (3,500 Coins) - Leap gracefully over obstacles with these designer sneakers.
  • Nerd Repellent (2,000 Coins) - The patent-pending formula is so potent that the whole laboratory had to be abandoned.
  • Insta-Ball (2000 Coins) - Bounce off the floor instead of going splat. Great for traveling a few extra meters.
Sector 2: Fringe Science
  • Gravity Belt (5,000 Coins) - Make the ground come at you a lot faster than usual. Be sure to bend your knees when you land.
  • Missile Jammer (5000 Coins) - Replaces the missile guidance program with pictures of kittens downloaded from the internet. Only works if the kittens are particularly cute.
  • Token Gift (5000 Coins) - What do you give someone who has everything? A free final spin token, of course!
Sector 3: Pseudoscience Action Group
  • Freeze-O-Matic (3,000 Coins) - There’s no better way to cool down after a hard run than being snap-frozen in a solid block of ice. It also helps you slide a few extra meters.
  • X-Ray Specs (4500 Coins) - This high-tech eye wear is both fashionable and functional. Now you can look inside vehicle pickups and other places you’re not supposed to see.
  • Gemology (6,500 Coins) - A special Blingification technique that converts coins into high-value Gems. For some reason it only works on coins minted in 1985.
Sector 4: Futureologist Lounge
  • Ezy-Dodge Missiles (5,500 Coins) - If you’re going to play a game of chicken with a missile, make sure it’s an Ezy-Dodge!
  • Magnetic Tokens (4,500 Coins) - Every token is fitted with a super-strong magnet. They are easier to collect, but will probably wipe your credit card.
  • Flying Pig (6000 Coins) - This highly-unstable coin transporter was designed by a scientist with a particular fondness for physical comedy.
Sector 5: Testing Zone
  • Free Ride (5,000 Coins) - Stop off at the motor pool before smashing through the laboratory wall. Why didn’t Barry think of this earlier?
  • Coin Magnet (6,000 Coins) - Once you get used to the feeling of being endlessly pelted with coins you will start to wonder how you ever lived without it.
  • Lucky Last (5500 Coins) - Your final spin token is forged from fortunium, the world’s luckiest element.

    That's a lot of stuff! Better check it out!)
Jetpack Joyride: Overview
Platform:  iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch (iOS 3.1.3 or later)
Cost: Free
Rating: 3.5/5
Quick Review:An okay endless runner. Lots of mission and achievements to keep you going.

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