Review: GuildWars (Video Game)




Many of you may already know of Guild Wars but here's my review! Guild Wars is a MMORPG (Some say it's a CORPG). It's like a Roman or Greece type of theme. Currently there's 3 campaigns (Prophecies, Faction, and Nightfall.) There's also an expansion pack, Eye of The North. First you create an avatar. You get to choose what kind of profession you want to be like Warrior, Monk, Elementalist, Ranger, Necromancer and Mesmer. Each have there own skills, strong points and weak points. You choose whether you want to be PvP or PvE. IF your PvE you start by doing quests and missions to gain xp and level up. (If your PvP you automatically are level 20, which is the max level.) As you continue through the story line and other missions you meet new people, aka Henchmen, and get new skills. Once you become a beast at the game you can join or create a guild and compete against other people! I'm somewhat good...still a noob by most people standards. This game has some good graphics and skills. And the fact that there's no subscription costs is a huge plus! However I still want some more features. Like mounts (Animals or things you can travel on) and some more map room. The game is still well worth the $20-$30! I Suggest getting it.

GuildWars: Overview
Platform: PC
Cost: $19.99
Rating: 4/5
Quick Review: Great game play and graphics could use some more features to keep me coming back more often.
Recommended Buy?: Yes


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