Nicki Minaj's New Album: Pink Friday...Roman Reloaded

You've probably heard of Nicki Minaj's new album Pink Friday Roman Reloaded. It was just released on April 3rd. I'm not doing a full review just a quick update for you people that also like dance pop music but wouldn't think Nicki Minaj would be the kind of person to go to for that kind of music.Will I buy the album? Probably not. 
(But some of the songs may magically appear on my iPod...)

I'm not a huge Nicki Minaj fan but there's some songs on the new release of her album that I like. Including the per-released Starships, I also like Pound The Alarm, Whip It, Automatic, Va Va Voom, and Beautiful Sinner.  These are all dance songs that sound like they might be playing on the radio or at the club. All with minimal rapping. As of right not the album is #1 on iTunes top 10 albums. So how do you guys like it? Do you like the more Pop sound of Nicki Minaj or the Rap sound of Nicki Minaj? There's a lot of people saying that they don't like the Pop songs and some say they love the Pop songs. So let me know how you like Nicki Minaj's new album Pink Friday...Roman Reloaded in the comments or email me at I'll end this post with some YouTube videos so you can listen to some of the songs I liked off the new 'Roman Reloaded' album.

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