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This is my first review on a website! Woohoo! Anyway, is a site where you do offers and surveys and even play games to earn points / cash to get free stuff off of! I've already gotten some stuff from this site! Including a $15 iTunes Gift Card, Active 2 (PS3), Star Wars Legos (PS3) and End War (PS3). I just ordered the Active 2 for PS3 and should be getting here around next week. So I know this site is real and works. (Or legit in other words. :P) Now I know what your thinking, "These types of sites take forever to get stuff". Well your right! But it's free! If you put in like 10-30 minutes every other day you could have up to $10.00 worth of stuff in 1 - 2 weeks!(FYI 100 points is $1) If you want a iPhone or a new tablet or maybe a gift card or something big this would be the perfect way to get it! You can just slowly earn it and eventually get it! Okay so here's how you earn points. First there's offers it could be anything from click here and register or download this software. (I suggest having a spam email, so your real email doesn't get spammed.) You can even get points by clicking a link. Next way is surveys, this a quick way to get points you get around $0.50 to $2.50 for every survey. The next way to get points is playing games, yes playing games! This is easy and fun. My favorite is Shooting Gallery. You can bet as much that you're going to win, and if you beat the other player you win the other persons cash. You can also watch videos and install apps on your phone/tablets to get some cash. You can get $0.10 to $1.50 per app! If your good at getting referrals Points2Shop has a great referral system. $1 for each referral, and 15% of everything they make. Well I hope you decide to sign up for this site. My username is fireball916 if you want to look up my profile and see the proof. You can also use the shout out box to ask other users for question and just to chat. Here's a quick list of features of the site.
  • Surveys to get Cash
  • Offers to get Points / Cash
  • Play Game to get Cash
  • Watch Videos to get Cash
  • Referrals to get Cash
  • Forums to Talk and Chat with Other Users
  • Shout Out Box to Ask Questions and Chat with Other Users
  • Order Anything Off of for Free
  • Daily Contests
  • Daily Giveaways
  • Lots of Members
  • Set Goals
  • And Much Much More
Points2Shop: Overview
Platform: Website
Rating: 4/5
Quick Review: Great rewards site! Might take a little time to get your goal but it's easy to get points/cash. Nice way to get some free stuff in your free time.
Recommended Join?: Yes.

Update: I've now earned more than $100 total. I have $50 saved right now to get a Best Buy gift card to help me buy a new iPhone 7!


  1. Honestly, Points2shop is crap now. They make every excuse to ban you. Lots of people including me have this problem. Claimed that I have multiple accounts when I didn't... Go with this site which is better than points2shop. This site pays higher for surveys and process rewards in just hours, while P2s takes days. I've already gotten $50 amazon gift card and an xbox360 game from here. They have active and friendly mods who are on the chatbox. Check it out if you're interested:

  2. Looks like the site you mentioned is new. I might try it once I get the time. :)