Review: Night Wave - Hyper Crush (Album)

(Rating: 5/5)

Hyper Crush's new album Night Wave is #awesome! First of all Hyper Crush is a Hip-Hop Electronic Dance group. Their past album The Arcade was okay, but this album is just great for dancing around and just sounds like it should be played 24/7 at the clubs! My favorites are Werk Me, Fingers Up, What Goes Up, Cheap Kills, and WTF. Hyper Crush isn't a very popular band but hopefully they get way more known! This album is just amazing! For just $7.99 it's totally worth it! I could go on forever telling you how good the album is but how about I let you listen to some of the songs? Here's some of the songs!

01 – Werk Me
02 – Chrome Pipes 
03 – Bad Boyz 
04 – Fingers Up 
05 – Cheap Thrills
 06 – WTF

07 – What Goes Up
08 – Maniac
09 – Chead
10 – Flip The Switch
11 – The Foundation 

Werk Me:

What Goes Up:

Fingers Up:

Night Wave: Overview
Platform: Music
Cost: $7.99
Rating: 5/5
Quick Review: Amazing dance album that will have you dancing for days!
Recommended Buy?: Yes!!!

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