Review: The Night the Sun Came Up - Dev (Album)


I love Dev, I've been waiting for this album for awhile but it's not exactly what I expected! From the girl who sings 'Bass Down Low' and 'In the Dark' I expected some dance clubbing music! There are some of these songs. But the tempo of the album as a whole is a little slower than I anticipated. Just because it's not what I expected though doesn't mean I don't like some of the songs. My favorite songs are 'In My Trunk', 'Lightspeed', 'Breathe', and the two pre-realeased singles 'Naked' Ft.Enrique Iglesias and 'In the Dark'. A song that's getting me on it's good side is 'Dancing Shoes' the music video is also very unique. Here's my track list review.

  • Getaway: 2/5 A slower paced song. Sounds sad. Haven't really listen to it that much.
  • In My Trunk: 5/5 I love this song, although most people probably won't I think this song is just awesome to start dancing to. Great beat, great editing, I love it. At least my 2nd favorite song on this album if not my 1st.
  • Me: 3/5  Bubbly, I'm guessing it's her life's story? I wasn't popular than, you treated me bad and I'm a popstar now. Another slow song but meaningful.
  • Naked (feat. Enrique Iglesias):4/5 I heard this song first when it was released as a single. At first I though it was a bad song but I got into it. Something you can casually dance to but not to 'Auto-tuned'.
  • Lightspeed: 4.5/5 I like this song a lot it has a lot of clever lyrics that just sound funny and awesome. The beat is great because..."It's the Cataracts!" (You will get that if you're a Dev fan.) Sounds almost heavenly and then the beat kicks in and you can really dance to it. Cause we're going Lightspeed!
  • Breathe: 5/5 "It's Dev!" Yes, yes it is! Don't forget to breathe when you listen to this song. This song is something I would expect from Dev. If you don't like Pop music you probably won't like this song but I love Pop and this song!
  • Dancing Shoes: 3.8/5 This song has a great music video and this song is just uplifting. It's about preforming and being nervous about it. (At least that's what I think :P) If your alone and want to dance about something positive this would be it!
  • Perfect Match: 3/5 The classic song about falling in love with your "Perfect Match" no matter what. A slower song. That sums it up..
  • In the Dark: 5/5 Pop Song, Dance Song, I love it. It's been in the club and the radio. So you can dance to it. The music video is...well expected but unexpected.
  • Kiss My Lips (feat. Fabolous): 3.9/5 A Pop / Rap song I suppose.  I'm sure you know what I'm talking about. Not quite my type of music but I still liked it.
  • Shadows: 2.5/5 Another slow song. It's 'Okay'.

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The Night the Sun Came Up - Dev: (Overview)
Platform: Music
Cost: $6.99
Rating: 3.8
 Quick Review: Not quite exactly what I expected from Dev. Still some good songs. Some hits some misses.
Recommended Buy: Yes, if it's your type of music.

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