Review: Draw Something (App)

(Rating: 4/5)

Draw Something explains exactly what you do in this game. You draw something... You sign up or sign in with Facebook and you get started! You can challenge random people or your Facebook friends! So you start a game and you pick a word. They give you three options, 1st word is worth 1 coin 2nd is 2 coins and 3rd is 3 coins. You choose one and you start to draw it. Pretty simple right? This game is simple yet amusing because the drawing are so funny! So after your done drawing your professional artwork (Haha) you click done and the other person is notified. Once their done you get to see what they drew. While their drawing it you have to guess what their drawing! (The game is a turn by turn game so they're not actually drawing right then.) And it starts all over! The more coins you get the more colors you can buy to draw with. You can also buy bombs which help in removing letters when guessing or choosing a new set of words when your choosing one. I have the free version of Draw Something which has ads but it's no big deal.
(Update: I used to get the pro version :] )

(Update: April 25th, They made a more social update for the game! Including a messenger feature, and saving drawings and sharing them on Facebook or Twitter, and other stuff I can't (unfortunately) review on because my 1st generation iPod Touch can't handle it and crashes. But here's some official info on the update.
  • Notify Something! Push notifications are here!
  •  Say Something! Comments on drawings! 
  •  Undo Something! You can undo your last line! 
  •  Refresh Something! Immediate updates - pull down to refresh!
I hope you guys enjoy the new update and if you haven't downloaded Draw Something, go ahead and download it!)
Draw Something: (Overview)
Platform: iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch App (iOS 3.0 or later)
Cost: $0.99 (There is a Free one also)
Rating: 4/5
Quick Review: Nice app! Something different no rush on when to get on. Very humorous at times.
Recommend Buy?: Yes, of Course!
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