Review: Cut The Rope (App)

This is a simple yet amusing app! The object of the game is simple, cut a rope to get the candy into 'Om Nom's mouth. (Om Nom is the green guy in the picture above.) There's over 250 levels! Every level has 3 stars that you try to get on your way to getting the candy to Om Nom's mouth. There's 11 boxes and basically a box is a theme, each box has 25 levels. 
Cardboard Box
Fabric Box
Foil Box
Magic Box
Valentine Box
Toy Box
Gift Box
Cosmic Box
Tool Box
Buzz Box
 DJ Box

Currently the only box I need to complete is the Cosmic Box. This game is pretty fun, the reason why it didn't get a 5 is because after you beat around 75-90% of it it gets a little boring and tedious to get all 3 stars on all the levels. However I totally recommend this game!

(Update: April 25th, New update for the game has been released! They added leader boards and a new box called DJ Box! It's really cool and a fresh concept for a box! You use DJ record thingy (the things that spin...yeah. lol) to move the ropes and the candy around! I really love it! It's nice to know they do free regular updates! So check out the new update!)

Cut The Rope: (Overview)
Platform: iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch App (iOS 3.0 or later)
Cost: $0.99 (Or get the lite version for free)
Rating: 4.5/5
Quick Review: Fun, good app to play while waiting around. 250 levels. Different features as you progress. 
Recommend Buy?: Yes, Well worth the $0.99!

Want to get the paid version of this app for free?
You download apps that get you credits and after 3-5 app downloads you have enough credits to get this app for free! You have to be on your iPhone or iPad or iPod Touch for this to work.
(This is how I got the app!)

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