Review: Coin Dozer (App)


This arcade style game from Game Circus LLC is a great app to have to play from time to time. Remember those arcade games where you put in a coin to try to make other coins fall down? Well this is the same thing expect free and a lot more fun. You tap where you want the coin to fall and it pushes other coins. But there's more! There's special coins that do different things when you collect them, like a giant coin comes down and makes all the small ones jump forward, a coin shower were a bunch of coins fall, wall coins so coins can't fall off the side, and xp coins. There's also prizes you can collect! These prizes come in 4 different colors and once you get a full set (one of each color) you get power ups such as the coin shower has more coins, or the wall coin lasts longer, and stuff like that. The xp in this game makes your level go up which can give you different rewards like higher regeneration cap and walls. You get xp from coins, prizes, and xp coins you've collected. Now this app got a 3.5 because it looses it's fun in about a 2-4 weeks. I still play it when I'm bored and have no Wi-Fi on my iPod. But for a free app it's pretty good. There's a free version and a paid version, and for a limited time the Paid or 'Pro' Version is free! Which means no ads! Yay! There's also a HD version for iPad's. ( I will update this when the paid version is no longer free.)

Coin Dozer: Overview
Platform: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch (iOS version 3.0 or later)
Cost: Free (Limited Time) (Regular Price $0.99)
Quick Review: Good app that can pass the time when your bored.
Recommended Buy?: Yes, it's at least worth a try.

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